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California Legal Separation Attorney

Legal separation, though not a substitute for an actual divorce does present certain advantages and gives reason for filing a separation agreement. In California, there is a mandatory six-month waiting period prior to obtaining a final divorce decree. A legal seperation will start the clock running and at the same time allows your attorney to begin working on items such as property division.

Other considerations to choosing a legal separation is that while legally separated, often a spouse is still allowed to enjoy the same continued health care and tax benefits afforded to married couples. With that in mind, for long term mariages where neither spouse is considering remarrying, a legal separation can be a remarkebly useful option.

Beck Law P.C. can assist you in drafting a legal separation agreement. With that agreement, we can work to protect your rights during the marriage dissolution process whether or not a divorce is your final intent.

Some Benefits of a Well-Drafted
Legal Separation Agreement

  • Preserving Benefits: you may preserve some of the benefits of a married couple, typically including health insurance benefits.
  • Protecting Rights: protection can be extended to your rights as they relate to Child Custody, child support, and alimony if applicable.
  • Limit Access to Funds: agreements can be reached that will limit or restrict access to credit cards, joing checking and joing savings accounts.
  • Limit Further Joint Debt: you can be safeguarded from any debt incurred by your spouse during the waiting period prior to the divorce becoming final.
  • Tax Deductions: tax deductions for spousal support payments, provided that this is so noted on your separation agreement (or ordered by the court) may be taken.
  • Other Items: tax deductions for spousal support payments, provided that this is so noted on your separation agreement (or ordered by the court) may be taken.

Santa Rosa Legal Separation Attorney

We draw up legal separation agreements in the three Northern California Counties of Sonoma County, Mendocino County and Lake County. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of a legal separation and drafting a separation agreement that is right for you.

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