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Monthly Archives: May 2012

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Would Proposed Legislation Be Too “Lenient” on Santa Rosa DUI Offenders?

By Beck Law P.C. |

Each Santa Rosa DUI lawyers know that this goal does not automatically mean that all laws that increase punishments are a good thing or that offer different incarceration arrangements are a bad thing. Sadly, some can be overzealous in the push for safety—harming unsuspecting residents in the process. If you have been charged with… Read More »

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California DUI Under 21—Programs and Penalties

By Beck Law P.C. |

Many California teenagers learn in driving school that a DUI applies to those with a BAC level of .08 or higher. But for a driver younger than the legal drinking age, any amount of alcohol that is detected in their system is also a DUI. If your teenager has been charged with an underage… Read More »

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What Happens After a DUI Conviction? Information on California DUI Programs

By Beck Law P.C. |

A DUI conviction can be very stressful. Court costs, penalties, restrictions on your license, and other complications can make this time very difficult. In California, DUI is handled very seriously and most defendants will be required to attend a DUI program as a condition of satisfying their parole or as part of their sentencing…. Read More »

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