Sexual Abuse

Sonoma Academy Sexual Abuse and Misconduct

Having previously represented sexual abuse survivors in claims against Hanna Boys Center, I was approached by the Press Democrat and asked if I would like to comment on the recent allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct at Sonoma Academy. Here are some quotes from the resulting Press Democrat article.

” Though such scandals can occur at both private and public schools, there is the potential for more accountability and oversight at public institutions, said Dan Beck, a Santa Rosa attorney with experience representing survivors of child sex abuse.”

Sexual Abuse Survivors

“”It just brings a public awareness, and the more the public is aware the more, possibly, voices of the survivors will be heard,” said Beck, who represented sexual abuse survivors in claims against Hanna Boys Center.

“To be sure, Beck said, there are “good people” at both private and public schools who would speak out about misconduct, but in many cases those voices are silenced by powerful interests. He pointed out that many times at private schools, parochial schools or religious affiliated organizations like Hanna Boys Center, there are people “who care” deeply about such complaints and the harm involved for students.”

“But too often they are ignored when they try to bring misconduct to light, he said.”

““That is so clear for a multitude of reasons, primarily that deal with money, contributions and prestige, etc.,” Beck said, adding that “the more public awareness there is, the more chances there are that deference will be made to the good voices.””

As with my previous blog post; Sexual Abuse – Hanna Boys Center – A Survivors Story, I care deeply about such complaints and will do everything in my power to ensure the voices of sexual abuse survivors will be heard.