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Amusement Park Accidents – Common California Injuries


Amusement Park Accidents. Amusement parks are significant sources of enjoyment for many people. Here in California, we have the honor of hosting some of the most popular amusement parks in the nation. However, with the type of fun that you have at amusement parks, any incident can quickly become very dangerous or even deadly. If you or someone you know has been hurt at an amusement park, be sure to speak to a personal injury attorney about your options.

Often, accidents at amusement parks occur as a result of negligence or defective equipment or malfunctioning equipment. In addition to issues with the rides, there can be issues with the rider such as a slip and fall. Among Disney’s collective parks, there have hundreds of “significant injuries” at theme parks each year. According to the Amusement Safety Organization, “significant injuries” include back, neck, leg, and shoulder injuries.

Malfunctions Causing Amusement Park Accidents

Sometimes, a ride can simply malfunction. Despite the rider following direction and despite the employees maintaining the property properly and ensuring to the best of their ability that rules are followed, the ride may still malfunction and cause injury to someone. In this case, you should speak to an attorney about a potential manufacturer liability issues. From the park to the maker of the parts, there could be multiple liable parties who could be responsible for your injuries.

Negligence Causing Amusement Park Accidents

Even if a ride is designed and manufactured correctly, it can still cause injury if not maintained properly. When a ride malfunctions because of negligence on the part of the park employees, the park could be liable under negligence theory. An amusement park has a duty to you to provide safe attractions in a safe environment, and if they breached that duty to you and that breach, whatever it was, caused your injuries, then you may have a negligence case against the park.

Slip and Fall Amusement Park Accidents

Because amusement parks can be so crowded and busy, a slip and fall can occur almost anywhere. Failing to post proper signage for problematic areas to walk could result in slip and fall liability for the amusement park. Short of your own negligence or your own refusal to pay attention to caution signage, you may very well have a slip and fall case.

When A Rider Can Be Responsible For Amusement Park Accidents

While the amusement park can be liable for accidents, a rider may not be able to recover for their damages in certain situations. If a rider ignores the cautions of a park employee or fails to adhere to caution signage and is injured as a result, they likely will not be able to recover from the amusement park for their damages.
Enjoyable settings like amusement parks immediately become much less enjoyable when someone gets hurt. If you have been injured at an amusement park, it is important to have an experienced attorney comb through the facts and determine if the amusement park is liable for your injuries. Beck Law P.C.’s California personal injury attorneys can do just that; contact us to get the help you need.

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