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How to Avoid a Spring Break DUI

spring break dui

A Spring Break DUI could ruin more than just your Spring Break. Spring Break is the most exciting time of the year for many college students. You get to travel, take a break from demanding coursework and cut loose with your friends. The biggest thing associated with Spring Break, of course, is alcohol. With that comes the potential consequence of driving under the influence. You may think you know your limits, but the all-day partying that comes with Spring Break often leads to impaired decision making. Here are some tips on how to avoid a Spring Break DUI.

Avoid a Spring Break DUI – Know How Much You are Drinking

Even if you do not feel drunk, you still may be over the legal limit. Say you had a few beers on the beach and then took a nap. Your BAC still may be well above the legal limit. Keep track of what you are drinking if you plan on driving later in the day. If you have had more than three or four drinks in two hours, it is best to find alternate transportation.

Avoid a Spring Break DUI – Have a Sober Ride Plan Wherever You Go

When the sun goes down on Spring Break, everyone goes to the bars. Most hotels provide shuttle transportation to and from entertainment districts, so know when and where those will be running. Find out if the city you are in has ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft. If you must take a taxi, make sure you are not alone and never, ever get into a car with someone who you think has been drinking.

Wear Proper Driving Attire

Tank tops, hats, Mardi Gras beads, flip flops, swim trunks or just flat out driving shirtless are like flashing neon signs to to law enforcement of a potential impaired driver. Local police in popular spring break towns are on the lookout even more during this season. Be sure that you wear proper attire when driving to avoid being pulled over by police.

Do Not Drive, Period

Even if you have a car available, it is advisable to just leave it parked for the duration of your trip. Take taxis, shuttles, and ride-shares to get to your destinations. Having your car towed on spring break will leave you feeling lost and helpless, not to mention the potential of having bail and towing fees tacked on to your spring break budget.

Be Careful “the Morning After”

“Morning after” DUIs can happen. Just because you are awake does not mean you are sober. Alcohol can stay in your system for hours. Police do not have set hours for DUI arrests. They can occur at any hour of the day. When you wake up, be completely sure that you are sober enough to operate a vehicle. Police are always on the lookout.

If you have been charged with DUI in Santa Rosa, Petaluma,Ukiah or somewhere else in the Sonoma, Mendocino or Lake County area, contact an attorney immediately. Beck Law P.C., attorneys are experienced with California DUI laws and can ensure you receive the best possible representation if you have been charged. Contact us through our website or via phone at (707) 576-5175.

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