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It Was Raining And I Had a Car Accident

stormy weather car accident

Was it raining when you had your car accident? California is a beautiful state where the sun constantly shines and skies are perfectly blue but every once in awhile Mother Nature decides that we could use some rain. Many Californians get excited at the prospect of rain and are thankful when the water refills the reservoirs. However, poor weather increases the chance of a car crash.

 Tips for Safely Driving in the Rain

Drivers want to be particularly careful to avoid a car accident when it is raining. Car crashes often lead to serious injuries for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Injuries result in dealing with insurance and needing a personal injury attorney to file or defend you in a lawsuit.

To avoid a car accident and injury while driving in the rain:

  • Leave early for your destination. Plan on doubling the amount of time it takes to get to work, home, or wherever you choose to meet friends.

  • Follow the speed limit. Many people speed, but when the roads are wet, it is crucial to obey the speed limit. During heavy rain where visibility is greatly reduced, you may need to drive more slowly than the posted limit.

  • Leave more room between you and other vehicles. You should always stay a car length behind, but in the rain, it is smart to double that. Wet roads increase the chance of your tires skidding or hydroplaning. You need that space if you have to stop quickly.

  • Stop sooner. Water in combination with oil and other debris on the pavement can decrease the friction between your tires and the road. This means you need more time to stop. Start breaking for a stop much earlier than you would on a dry day.

  • Pay attention. Distracted driving has become a leading factor in accidents and combined with a rainy day, it greatly increases the chance of a crash. Even if you have hands-free capabilities, do not use your phone to call or text someone. You may even want to turn off the radio or pause conversation with passengers to place your full attention on the road.

  • Keep your hands on the wheel. Many of us do not think too much about hand positions once we have our license. We end up putting our hands where they are most comfortable on the wheel, or even using one hand. During rain, it is important to go back to the basics and keep both hands firmly on the wheel so that you are ready if you need to maneuver the car.

  • Use your lights. Limited visibility is a major issue during rainy weather, so turn on your lights, even during the day, to improve your chances of being seen.

If You are Hurt in a Car Accident

If you were injured in a car accident by another driver hitting you in the rain, you should contact an experienced Santa Rosa personal injury lawyer. An attorney can help you file insurance claims or begin a lawsuit, if necessary. Contact Beck Law P.C. today to learn more.

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