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Category Archives: Domestic Violence

text messages and domestic abuse

When Text Messages Support Your Claims of Domestic Violence

By Beck Law P.C. |

If you are going through a difficult divorce and believe there is text message evidence of your spouse’s violent predilections locked away in cell phone messages, can you use those messages to bolster your case in divorce court? Obviously, if you have those messages on your own phone, they are admissible to you to… Read More »

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escaping domestic abuse

Escaping Domestic Abuse

By Beck Law P.C. |

A fairy tale wedding evolved into a nightmare of domestic abuse and violence violence within just weeks for young Lisa Casarez. She blamed herself, wondering what she needed to do better—or how she needed to just be better—in order to stop the battering. Maybe she should lose some weight? Perhaps if she did a… Read More »

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domestic violence

Domestic Violence in Divorce Proceedings

By Beck Law P.C. |

Domestic violence in divorce proceedings. Divorce proceedings in and of themselves can be contentious with the parties fighting over every little detail of how to end their lives together after years of marriage. There can be many arguments over such things as how to divide marital property, who pays spousal support and child support,… Read More »

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