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Category Archives: DUI Information California

false dui readings

False DUI Readings Can be Caused by “Mouth Alcohol”

By Beck Law P.C. |

Is it true that thousands of false DUI readings each year can be caused by “mouth alcohol”? False breathalyzer readings are commonly caused by the existence of “mouth alcohol.” Even after having one or two drinks, the lining of your mouth may still include recordable amounts of alcohol, sometimes enough to register your BAC… Read More »

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Traffic Stop Search And Seizure Rights

What Are My Traffic Stop Search and Seizure Rights?

By Beck Law P.C. |

Sniffing up the wrong tree – my traffic stop search and seizure rights. You’ve been pulled over for a traffic violation, and the police officer now wants to conduct a dog sniff on the exterior of your car to check for illegal substances. What do you do? Do you consent to the dog sniff… Read More »

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jail cell

Multiple DUI Convictions Can Lead to Prison Time

By Beck Law P.C. |

The penalties for multiple DUI convictions (driving under the influence) in California can be severe, and can include probation, fines, and even jail. California law considers DUI a “priorable” offense. This means the penalties can become substantially more severe if you have prior DUI convictions on your record during a certain period of time,… Read More »

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