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Child Sexual Pedators – Santa Rosa Diocese Releases List

child sexual predators

He was a very big man, a man that talks directly to God. Who could be more important than that?  and I was a little person with a big heart wanting to please.  I would be really good and obey.  He called me special.

Here is the list of priests from the Santa Rosa Diocese that are known or suspected to be child sexual predators. This list includes priests who have faced abuse allegations. Since 1962, 39 clergymen within the Santa Rosa Diocese have been credibly accused of sexual abuse. The vast majority of the victims were young men that are still stigmatized from the abuse and fearful to come forward.

Credibly Accused Child Sexual Predators

Joseph Alzugaray, Carmelo Baltazar, Edward F. Beutner, Anthony Bolger, David Brusky, John Crews, Kevin Dunne, Don Eagleson, Don D. Flickinger, Patrick Foley, Francis (John) Ford, Ruben Garcia, Patrick Gleeson, Patrick A. Hannon, Austin Peter Keegan, Michael Emmet Kelly, Don Kimball, Bruce Maxwell, Patrick McCabe, John A. Meenan, John Moriarty, Francis E. Neville, Mark O’Leary, Vincent O’Neill, Ted Oswald, Thomas Parker, Daniel Polizzi, Celestine Quinlan, John Rogers, Anthony J. Ross, Alfredo Sobalvarro, Gary Timmons, Francis  Verngren, James Walsh, Bernie Ward, Ron Wiecek, Vincent A. Yzermans

From the list provided by the Santa Rosa Diocese “Two names which have received much notoriety are not in the list above. Bishop Ziemann and Archbishop Nienstedt. While there is much publicity the Archbishop’s situation is still under review by the Holy See. The naming of Bishops accused is exclusively under the authority of the Holy See and I am not authorized to make any revelations regarding them.”

Not all on the list (pdf download) of accused child sexual predators perpetrated these crimes in the Santa Rosa Diocese, but the list of those remaining that did seems very large for a small town like Santa Rosa. Our clients that have faced this same abuse and were victimized at the hands of The Roman Catholic Bishop of Santa Rosa pointed out to us that even one person is too many for any town, small or large. It is likely that this list does not include all child sexual predators but as more and more victims stand together and bravely face their abusers, this list will grow. Victims will have an opportunity to expose these child sexual predators within the Diocese with the hope to heal.

Are you a sexual abuse survivor? Memories may be fragmented. Effects have been devastating. It’s taken decades to come to this point. You have a painful story to tell and we want you to be heard. Allow us to create a safe environment for you to tell your story in a confidential setting with trusted attorneys who only have your best interest in mind.

If you or someone you know was sexually molested within the Diocese of Santa Rosa or the Hanna Boys Center please come forward so we can hear your voice. We may be able to help you. Contact us at our Beck Law P.C., Santa Rosa office.

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