Client Reviews

Client Reviews of Beck Law P.C.

  • Through the years, Jarin and Dan have graciously helped my family with two personal injury cases and some other questions and situations that came up regarding family matters that we needed advice on. They are really hard working people and they did their best for us. What I especially found good about this law firm is that you can call them whenever you want, and they usually answer their cell phones, or get back to you right away, almost always that same day, even if it is a weekend. They work with you on your bills and they keep you in the loop about what’s going on with your case. They tell you where you stand by asking you how you want to move forward so that you are always involved, so there are no surprises with cost. I felt like they went above and beyond to care for us.
    Rebecca Rickert
  • After having problems with employment and an illness the people at Beck Law. Helped me through troubled times . they were prompt , punctual .To the point. they’re professional service is second to none and I recommend them to all my friends in need of assistance with any legal matter. Weather it be employment ,divorce, auto accidents. anything in between they are always helpful and there when you need. Thank you for the great service you done for me and coming to a resolution in reasonable times.
    Tod Wagner
  • May 15, 2010 my youngest daughter and my father-in-law were involved in a head-on collision as they were approaching the top of mt. St. Helena; they had been hit by a drunk driver and both sustained injuries as a result. From my past experiences with attorneys I was hesitant in getting one involved, but it became apparent that we would need to hire one, one that had the passion and intensity to fight for my daughter and father-in-law. From the moment that we walked into Beck Law that is exactly what we got, and it wasn’t just the attorney, it was the entire team.Everyone there was there to help us with whatever we needed. The entire team at Beck Law worked very well together throughout the entire process meeting all of our needs.They helped us through each step of the way, explaining what was happening at each turn, as well as what to expect. I think one of the things that impressed me the most was that they listened to what we were saying, and in doing so they had exams scheduled for my father-in-law in which it was discovered he had sustained a head injury during the accident that had gone undiagnosed for 11 months. The team at Beck Law helped us to get through a difficult situation with caring and compassion that few have. Our family is grateful for this team of dedicated law professionals and for all of there help during our time of need.
    Cheri R.
  • I would like to express on my behalf and that of my family how extremely grateful I am for helping me win the case. I appreciate the work and research that you put into helping me. It truly changed my life, and I do not know what I would have done without your advice, counsel, and representation! I hold your firm in the highest esteem. Again, Thank you!
    Brittney B.
  • Thanks for all the hard work you’ve done to help get my Grandson free. I knew he was in good hands when you took the case. Also, either way it would have went, I want you to know that in my heart you were always doing the most excellent job you could have done and you did.
    Joyce Teel
  • I have been doing business with Dan Beck’s law office for a number of years. Dan’s calm, demeanor and personal approach always puts his clients at ease knowing that he has their best interests at heart. An excellent negotiator with a clear understanding and thorough knowledge of the law, he works hard to prevent small issues from becoming unresolvable problems thereby saving time and money. In addition, his well-trained and knowledgeable staff is extremely responsive to any request for assistance. I would never hesitate to recommend Dan and his staff for legal matters large and small.
    Martin A. Levy
  • We had a real estate transaction with very complicated legal problems. Right from the beginning Dan Beck was wonderful to work with, he understood the issue, put all involved at ease and started working on the job immediately. It was not straight forward and the issues required much research, expertise and time to unravel. His staff were always very responsive to my e-mails updating me and all parties involved regularly. I have already recommended Beck Law and will continue to do so, they are a fine law firm with a lot of integrity and a genuine interest in serving their community.
    Susie Cashmore
    Cobb Mountain Realty
  • A very difficult Title case was given to Beck Law which resulted in an outstanding result. I would highly recommend Beck Law to anyone who might be in need of legal advice or help.
    Diane Sullivan
  • Beck Law attorneys are the best litigators in the business.
    Tim Fowler
    Centerline Plumbing
  • Wonderful and totally caring! That is all I can say. The care, support and team spirit I got from Mr. Beck and his staff was immense, and I needed all of it! It takes a lot of work to go through the legal system and it takes a lot of care. I am serious when I say that Mr. Beck calls you back immediately, any time of the day or night, or on weekends. Seriously, he even calls you during his dinner time, and his weekend time to make sure you are taken care of. And in regard to cost, Beck Law tailors the cost to what you can afford by offering many different plans for you. I needed aggressive help but I feel the money I spent was totally worth what I got – because I had a lot at stake. I would recommend this firm to anyone.