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Couples Divorcing After Decades Together

couples divorcing later in life

Couples divorcing after many years together. You have been married for many years, but are wanting to strike out on your own. Naturally, making such a change in your life at this point can be a daunting thought. Rest assured, you are not alone. These days, couples who have been together for decades, as well as those who are currently in a second or third marriage, are increasingly likely to consider divorce. Why is that the case?

Couples Divorcing Later in Life

It may seem hard to understand for some, but many older Couples are experiencing significant changes and challenges that lead them to consider divorce. Commonly referred to as grey divorce, the reasons for proceeding with a split are many and varied:

The Empty Nest

We have all heard about the lonesome, disconnected feeling many couples experience as the kids leave home. Losing the focus of daily life can be devastating for many, leaving them to feel unanchored.


Retirement, not unlike empty nesting, can be an alarming change to one’s life. When expecting to feel gloriously free turns instead to feelings of purposelessness and boredom, it can be a tremendous strain on a relationship. Retirement expectations often fall flat in the first months and years, leaving disgruntled partners wandering aimlessly in one another’s wake.

Financial Woes

Some divorcing couples had endured serious financial problems over the years. After sticking it out with a bleak financial forecast, this may have become untenable. Sure, every couple experiences some degree of financial stress, but years and years of that strain can be devastating to a relationship.


Older Couples have often come to the realization that a partner is unwilling or unable to part with dangerous and destructive addictions. Whether the issue is substance abuse, over working, over eating, gambling, or something else, the cost over time may be the marriage itself.

Opportunities for Women

Women in the 21st century enjoy far more options than they did 30 or 40 years ago. Women who may have signed up to be doting housewives in the 70s or 80s may shock their spouses by wanting new and different experiences in their golden years. In some cases, transitioning roles may be simply too high a hurdle to jump.

What is Next?

For some divorcing couples who have been married for the better part of their lives, imagining a life without a spouse can be difficult. Others may yearn for such a life. If you aspire to make a change, be prepared for a myriad of issues that are attendant to divorce:

  • What difficulties will come with two separate households having to operate on the budget that formerly supported just one?
  • If one spouse provided health insurance through employment, what options exist for health care following divorce?
  • What will retirement look like? Will one partner’s retirement package be divided?
  • How will friends and family respond to divorce?  Will relationships beyond the marriage be negatively impacted?

These, and other questions from couples divorcing, can be addressed by the experienced legal team at Beck Law P.C.,. If you reside in Sonoma County, Mendocino County of Lake County California, contact us in Santa Rosa for a confidential consultation today.

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