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Can My Diabetes Cause Me To Fail A DUI Breath Test?

dui breath test diabetes

Can my diabetes affect DUI breath test results? Even though they are highly trained, police officers are still predisposed to take things at face value when they detain someone. Officers look for visual cues to figure out if a driver is under the influence. They look for red eyes, flushed skin, shaking hands, slurred speech, relaxed facial features and a lack of coordination, among other things. Several of those features can also be attributed to people with diabetes.

Diabetics suffer from hypoglycemia, which causes their blood sugar levels to be lower than normal. This disorder can often lead to symptoms that can lead even highly-trained law enforcement to believe that a hypoglycemic is under the influence, when in reality, they are 100% sober.

Diabetes Affect On A DUI Breath Test

Of course, you may think that a simple breathalyzer test will clear the person, right? Not quite. Breathalyzers are notoriously inaccurate. It is a little-known fact that breathalyzers do not measure alcohol content. They measure methyl. The problem with this is that breathalyzers are designed to measure thousands of compounds that contain methyl, mainly alcohol. This presents a possible problem because hypoglycemic diabetics produce large amounts of acetone in their breath, which can be registered as high amounts of alcohol by a breathalyzer. The diabetic may not have had a drink in days, but a breathalyzer could show that the person has a BAC well above legal limits.

Are you or someone you know a diabetic who has been arrested on suspicion of DUI in Santa Rosa and the surrounding areas? Contact an attorney from Beck Law P.C., immediately. Our attorneys are experienced with California DUI laws and can ensure you receive the best possible representation if you have been wrongly charged. Contact us through our website or via phone at (707) 576-5175.

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