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Distracted Driving a Major Cause of Car Accidents

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Distracted driving is a serious problem on Sonoma County roads and leads to many harmful accidents. When people get behind the wheel, it is up to them to maintain their focus on their maneuvering, the road, and other cars. When drivers pay attention to something else, they are more likely to miss something important. For example, inattentive drivers might not see brake lights in front of them or a pedestrian in the cross walk. Because of their inattention, it can take drivers significantly longer to notice an obstacle and react.

If you were injured in a car accident due to the other driving being distracted, work with a Santa Rosa personal injury attorney to learn your rights.

What is Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving occurs any time someone puts less than their full visual, manual, and cognitive attention into the task of driving. It does not feel like driving takes so much effort after drivers have years of experience, but safe driving takes 100% of a person’s attention. This means eating, singing and dancing to the radio, and dealing with kids in the back seat all lead to inattention. Everyone is guilty of doing two things at once sometimes.

Cell Phones and Distractions

Many people attempt to use their mobile phones while they drive, but this means their hands and eyes are not where they belong. Their minds are also more focused on the phone than the road ahead.

California has banned handheld devices and texting while driving for people of all ages. Despite the law, 61% of surveyed California drivers stated they had been hit or nearly hit by a driver talking or texting on a cell in 2014, according to the California Office of Traffic Safety Distracted Driving Fact Sheet.

Even if drivers use hands-free technology, talking on the phone and texting take significant attention away from driving. Because of this, it is illegal under California law for drivers younger than 18 years old to use cell phones at all.

Mendocino County drivers agree that cell phones are a major distraction. In fact, 50% of drivers surveyed in 2014 said texting while driving was a serious distraction, and 40% of drivers surveyed the same year believed texting or talking on a phone posed the biggest safety problem on California roads. However, while people are aware of the risks associated with using cell phones, many admit to texting or chatting on the phone while driving and even making driving mistakes while doing so.

Contact a California Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have to take the other driver to court, it can be difficult to prove distraction. An experienced attorney will investigate your situation and know how to use the discovery process to find evidence of what the driver was doing at the time of the accident. If you can prove distraction and that the other driver was at fault, you will be able to recover medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.
Contact Beck Law P.C., today to learn more about how you can recover after being hurt in a car accident.

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