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January is Divorce Month

divorce month january

“Divorce Month.” What is it about January that brings the number of divorce filings lurching upward? Is it the letdown after all that holiday fun? The gloomy skies overhead? The realization that your forever love cannot seem to pick out just the right gift? The idea of starting another year with that person at your side? There are likely a number of reasons couples decide to call it quits as the new year is upon us, but they all center around one key factor — the dissatisfaction in the relationship simply outpaced the good times. If you are feeling the January blues and wish to file for divorce, having a reputable local attorney is the best thing you can do.

Not During the Holidays Please

For many couples, the writing is on the wall long before January divorce month and the holidays land. But since Thanksgiving through New Year’s is such and emotional time of year anyway, lots of people just do not trust themselves to make a good decision during the holidays. So, while the concept may be brewing underneath it all, the importance of keeping a happy face outweighs any real action toward a split. Nonetheless, thoughts about how to break the news to friends and family, ideas about the financial implications of divorce, and planning about what to say to the kids is all quietly taking place for many couples.

On the other hand, there are couples who are basically unhappy, but who simply refuse to admit it during the festivities. They continue to cling on the romantic notion that things will work out.  But once the tree is tucked away and the lights are down, reality comes crashing in and awakens them to the misery of their marriage.

What has happened to these relationships? For many, it all boils down to a lack of healthy communication. They stop trusting that their partners will work on issues with them, and discussions either turn into arguments or they never happen in the first place. Either way, little issues become massive problems as they smolder unattended.

In other relationships, evolving expectations leave one partner feeling unfulfilled, the other unable to acquiesce to changing demands. Pressures, disappointments, and constant volatility in the marriage make couples wish for a better—a different life.

Finally, while money can be an issue all year long, the holidays can definitely put a finer point on the problem. The inability to accrue the niceties one wants, or, for some, scraping by day to day, can cause frustrations that are hard to handle. One partner may blame the other for the economic problems, making matters even worse.

If it is Time to End Things

If you have decided it is time to call it quits, the experienced family law legal team at Beck Law P.C., can help. If you live in Sonoma County, Mendocino County, or Lake County California, contact our Santa Rosa office today to schedule a confidential consultation.

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