Choosing the Right Santa Rosa Divorce Attorney

santa rosa divorce attorneyGetting a divorce is a huge, life altering proposition. If you are unequivocal about your desire to part ways, finding the best Santa Rosa divorce attorney to represent you in the proceedings could mean the difference between satisfaction and regret. Here are some things to consider when selecting the Santa Rosa divorce attorney who will be by your side through this monumental change in your life:

What to Look For in a Santa Rosa Divorce Attorney

  • Do not play Russian roulette with your future: In other words, do not simply select a name from a Google paid advertisement. Be a bit more deliberate. Check with friends who have gone through a divorce.  Interview two or three prospective Santa Rosa divorce attorneys to get a sense of what they are about.
  • Find an attorney who specializes in family law: Your butcher’s brother-in-law who is a tax attorney may be able to give you a great deal, but he obviously is not as familiar with Santa Rosa divorce proceedings as someone who has been involved in numerous cases.
  • Find someone who is experienced in the family law areas of particular concern to you. If you have complex business operations, you may need a different sort of expertise than if you are anticipating an unpleasant custody battle.
  • Be honest with yourself and have realistic expectations: Keep in mind that divorce is a legal procedure, and an attorney is not your soothsayer or therapist. Spend time in the lawyer’s office focused on the legal considerations. Remember, you are probably being billed by the hour, so racking up a huge bill just to rant about your former spouse will be a bad idea. Call a buddy to vent about your ex.
  • Make sure your Santa Rosa divorce attorney has courtroom experience: Once you get in front of a judge, you do not want your legal representative to be bumbling through the proceedings.
  • Find an experienced negotiator: Divorce necessitates the dividing of resources, bills, time with the kids, and so forth. It is likely neither spouse will get everything they want, but be certain that your attorney is sharp enough to fight for the best outcomes possible on your behalf.
  • Have a communication plan with your attorney: If you both have complicated schedules, it can be frustrating when you can not get updates or share new developments. Make certain from the onset that your attorney is going to be available to you when you need them.
  • Get a good vibe: In general, see how you feel in the office. Is the Santa Rosa divorce attorney support staff cool, or accommodating? If you are feeling anxious about the road ahead, does your attorney put you at ease with realistic descriptions of what is ahead, are are you being promised the moon? You are going to be spending some time with this person. Feeling confident that you are in good hands will ease a lot of the stress of divorce.

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