What can I Expect in my Initial Meeting with my Divorce Attorney

meeting with my divorce attorney, divorce attorney meetingWhat can I expect in my initial meeting with my divorce attorney. In most cases, the decision to get divorced is the result of significant contemplation and emotional turmoil on the part of one or both spouses in a marriage. As a result, many people who have made the decision to get divorced are apprehensive about meeting with a divorce attorney. After all, in many cases a person who is getting a divorce with the assistance of an attorney will have to disclose private details regarding the state of their marriage, their finances, and any history of domestic violence that may have occurred during the course of the relationship.

Initial Meeting With my Divorce Attorney

It is important for people who are divorcing to understand that their attorney is not there to judge their relationship, but rather to zealously advocate on their behalf to settle any issues that may arise during the divorce in their best interests. While there are many issues that may arise during a divorce proceeding, there are four main issues that often are the most difficult to resolve in a way that is favorable to both parties. These include the following:

These issues often have a significant impact on a person’s life and may impact their relationship with and access to their children. As a result, it is important for anyone considering a divorce to discuss their situation with an experienced Santa Rosa divorce attorney as soon as possible. To schedule a free 30-minute consultation with one of our lawyers, call Beck Law P.C. today at (707) 576-7175.

Here are some specific things to expect in your initial meeting with your divorce attorney:

I have questions regarding my marital assets – One of the most important issues that can arise in a divorce is how the couple will divide marital assets. Your attorney will likely ask you specific questions regarding the value of your home, whether you have any significant, investments, the amount of income generated by any family-owned business, and other questions regarding your finances.

I have questions regarding specific issues that are of particular importance to me – Not every divorce ends up being litigated in court. In many instances, the parties to a divorce are able to come to a mutually agreeable settlement arrangement that reflects the particular interests of each party. This is often a preferable resolution to many divorcing couples, as it takes some of the uncertainty out of the divorce process.

I have questions regarding my education and earning potential – When judges in California determine whether and how much spousal maintenance will be awarded, they are required to consider the relative earning potential of each party. As a result, your attorney will ask you questions about your educational background in order to determine what your chances of receiving a significant maintenance award will be.

I have questions regarding domestic violence and criminal misconduct – Issues regarding violent behavior or criminal activity can have an impact on the way that issues related to a divorce are decided. As a result, your attorney will likely ask whether you or your spouse have any history of either domestic violence or criminal convictions.

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