Smooth Mendocino County Divorce

mendocino county divorceIs there such a thing as a smooth Mendocino County divorce? When the bliss of your wedding day turns into an unhappy marriage, you may seriously consider splitting with your partner. Statistically, it could happen. After all, research indicates that one in five marriages fall apart within the first five years, and nearly half of them end within 20 years.  If and when you get to that point, seeking the counsel of an experienced divorce attorney can be of great benefit to you.

Is a Smooth Mendocino County Divorce Possible?

How do you go through a major life upheaval and still maintain your sanity? Psychologists have some important tips. You will undoubtedly experience conflicting emotions, which will pop up at inopportune times, like while you are at work, or when you are simply trying to relax on the weekend. Be aware that this is perfectly normal, and the intensity of your feelings will diminish with time. In the meanwhile, it is important to give yourself a break as you go through the coming months. Additionally, try to address the situation proactively, with a goal of keeping things as smooth as possible between you and your former spouse.

If you view the Mendocino County divorce as a war, you are going to make things much tougher on yourself. Instead, change your perspective, and remember that the person you are divorcing has good qualities that you once admired and loved. This is a person with whom you will need to negotiate, not destroy. Many matters, such as property division, are laid out in California’s community property laws anyway, so there is no point in angrily lashing out as you slice up the assets and debts.

When you are feeling balanced and calm, consider making a list of discussion points that you wish to cover with your spouse. Although things may be emotional, you will likely fare better if you come to the conversation prepared with your Mendocino County divorce concerns, and willing to speak calmly about them. Remember, 50% of any conversation is listening. Your spouse will have issues that are important, too. Be willing to truly hear them and respond appropriately.

Smooth Mendocino County Divorce – What About the Kids?

In many cases, children will experience some trauma when parents divorce, but studies show that they can also adjust and live happy, healthy lives afterward. A smooth divorce however, will be largely up to you and your spouse, and how well you handle the experience. While any divorce will have elements of conflict, your children should be protected from any ugliness in order to give them the best opportunity to experience psychological health and stability. Depending on their ages, children need to understand what is happening, although they definitely do not need all the gory details. Honest conversations, if limited in content, will help your children to get a grip on the changes that are occurring in the family.

Putting the Past Behind You

At Beck Law P.C., our knowledgeable team of divorce lawyers will guide you through every step of your divorce in order to ensure it proceeds as smoothly and quickly as possible so that you can move forward.  If you live in Mendocino County, Sonoma County or Lake County California, contact our Santa Rosa office today for a confidential consultation.