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Domestic Violence Cases in a Covid-19 World

domestic violence cases

Domestic violence cases for February in China where Covid-19 took off before it did in the US, were three times that of February 2019. For individuals who live with an abuser, the Covid-19 pandemic can only make matters worse. Being penned up with someone who asserts power over them can, in times of crisis, bring tensions to a head, making their safety more precarious than ever.

Domestic Violence Cases Exacerbated by the Lockdown

Right now it feels like the world is swirling and things are out of our control. Californians, for the most part, cannot work, enjoy a night on the town, or even leave their homes to have lunch at a favorite restaurant or pub. For an abuser whose violence is deep-seated in a desire for control and power, this can be particularly frustrating. Since so many areas of life are beyond their control, they exercise control where they can – with their families. Domestic violence cases for the abused, who cannot escape the confines of home, may become even more extreme and dangerous.

Additional Domestic Abuse Issues

Victims of domestic violence are less likely than ever to seek medical attention if they need it because they are afraid of being exposed to the coronavirus. While some might, under typical circumstances, seek sanctuary at the home of parents or friends, the fear of exposing themselves or others to the coronavirus may prohibit them from leaving home. Victims of domestic violence worry that even shelters may become sites of contamination. While it is smart to be cognizant of risks, be aware that hospitals and shelters are well aware of the virus, and are taking precautions to create a safe environment.  

What Now?

The unprecedented issues facing victims of domestic violence leave few options for safety.  Some strategies worth being familiar with include:

  • Be aware of the pressure points in your abuser. Keep a constant vigil and make every effort to defuse situations before they get to the breaking point.
  • Think about what has worked in the past and what has not.
  • Identify areas of your home that do not have weapons that could be used against you. In the event things start to escalate, try to move to those areas.
  • Protect your children by avoiding their proximity if possible when problems arise.
  • Avoid wearing scarves that could be used to choke you.
  • Hide a set of car keys in case you need to leave quickly.
  • Remember that, coronavirus pandemic or not, law enforcement officers are committed to protecting you.

Staying Safe in a Covid-19 World

At Beck Law P.C., we understand how difficult issues related to domestic violence can be.  Now, more than ever, the welfare of individuals who are risk of harm is on our minds.  As long as we are allowed to keep our doors open, we will be here for you. In the meanwhile, we hope you are able to remain healthy and safe.

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