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Santa Rosa DUI Attorney – Petaluma DUI Lawyer

Questions for a Santa Rosa DUI attorney? Need a great Sonoma County DUI lawyer? Many of these questions can be answered by visiting our DUI Lawyer FAQs page or our how can i beat a dui page. The DUI attorneys at Beck Law P.C. are here to help you with your DUI matter. We represent Mendocino County DUI cases, Sonoma County DUI cases, and Lake County California DUI cases. Beck Law P.C.’s experienced Mendocino County DUI attorneys and Sonoma County DUI lawyers know the ins and outs of winning a DUI case.

In many Sonoma County DUI cases, The People will have a problem meeting their burden of proof. Was a roadside preliminary alcohol screening test administered (PAS) using a handheld breathalyzer or was a breathalyzer test administered using a larger more reliable machine?  Those cases are good for trial. Our attorneys also know how to talk to the District Attorney’s prosecutors to ask for reductions in sentences, including:

  • Substitute rehabilitation for DUI jail time
  • Reduce the amount of volunteer hours, aka DUI community service hours
  • Reduce the amount of days spent in jail, or time spent in DUI jail alternative programs

If you have children, and not much time to spare, you need a good Sonoma County DUI lawyer to help you get the right plea offer. If your case involves the use or transport of marijuana, we know how to address that too. Beck Law P.C. lawyers are experienced in cannabis and medical cannabis matters. If you were a tourist just traveling through the area, we can help. We know that local judges and deputy district attorneys see certain spots, such as roads to wineries and particular freeway exits, as “hot zones.” We will represent you in a way that showcases your sincere interest in visiting the Wine Country in a careful and safe manner.

At Beck Law P.C., we know that resolving a Santa Rosa DUI case isn’t a one-step process. We are here to help you with:

  • Your DUI DMV administrative hearing
  • DUI Court appearances: arraignment, preliminary hearings, motion hearings, and trial
  • Dealing with your auto insurance after a DUI
  • Probation, and restitution if your case involves allegations of DUI damages
  • Paying for fines, and alternatives to traditional fines
  • Dealing with a DMV suspension
  • Rehabilitation programs and substance abuse counseling
  • How to deal with your employer
  • How to get a work license
  • Getting into DUI classes
  • California SR-22 Car Insurance
  • Clearing your record

If you’re facing a Sonoma County DUI or Mendocino County DUI charge, here are some tips:

  • If you believe you have a substance abuse problem, you may want to get into AA, NA, or the appropriate support group for your addiction. Record the days and times you attend, and write down the name of your sponsor. Provide this information to your lawyer to show them you are making progress toward recovery.
  • Find a way to see a therapist one-on-one as well as going to a support group. Even if you do not believe you have a substance abuse problem, a therapist will help you manage the stress of facing a criminal case. If you are low on funds, look for a clinic that offers sliding scale fees.
  • Talk to your lawyer about how you should discuss the case with your employer. This is especially true if driving is one of your job duties.
  • Do not talk to law enforcement officers or any individuals who are not your lawyer about the details of your Sonoma County DUI case.
  • Consider waiving your right to speedy trial. This will allow you to set your DMV hearing out beyond your court dates. Then you can provide proof of rehabilitation and possibly make a better case to keep your license.
  • If your job requires a professional license, such as a teaching or health care professional license, tell your attorney. Then you can make the necessary arrangements to argue to keep your license.

At Beck Law P.C., our Santa Rosa DUI attorneys are affordable, friendly, helpful, and thoughtful. We work to represent you so you get the best outcome possible. Call us today.

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