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DUI Lawyer FAQs

Santa Rosa DUI Lawyer FAQs- Petaluma DUI Lawyer FAQs – Ukiah – Lakeport

Why do I need a DUI attorney?

  • A Beck Law P.C. DUI Lawyer could argue on your behalf that incarceration should not be part of your penalty. Stating your commitment to rehabilitation and participating in a rehabilitation treatment program, or attending AA or NA, helps considerably.

  • A DUI Lawyer could be of assistance if you are a senior citizen and your mental and physical health are at issue.

  • A DUI Lawyer would appear for you in court. If you are alleged to have committed a misdemeanor, or you are alleged to have committed a felony and waive your right to appearance in a 977 waiver in open court, your DUI Lawyer can come to most proceedings instead of you.

  • A DUI Lawyer could ask for continuances in your case so that you do not have to come to court on certain dates, such as dates that you need to be at your job.

  • To ask for continuances in your case to push your plea date past the date for a renewal of immigration paperwork, like a visa, or a professional license, like a nursing license.

  • A DUI Lawyer could represent you in a DMV administrative hearing and help you with the ins and outs of DMV rules.

  • A DUI Lawyer can work with the prosecutor to get you a better plea agreement, i.e. less community service hours or a lower fine.

  • A DUI Lawyer could try to convince the judge that you deserve a light sentence. When you enter a plea, the judge is not held to the plea agreement that the prosecutor offers.

  • A DUI Lawyer might prove that you did not commit the crime, i.e. someone else was driving the vehicle or you were not impaired.

  • To argue that certain evidence is inadmissible. An example would be the police report of an officer who has recently been sanctioned, or video that does not clearly show a driver committing any traffic infraction.

  • If you are going to be sued in a civil case for damage that you caused following the resolution of the criminal case. You will need an attorney who can effectively handle both your civil and criminal cases.

  • If you know or feel that your test results were inaccurate or tampered with.

  • If the police treated you in an illegal or unethical manner, which may have affected whether your stop and arrest were legal.

  • To show why the prosecution’s witnesses, such as a person who supposedly watched you drive, cannot be trusted. If the witness has a recent criminal conviction for dishonesty, or a visible personal bias against you, they may appear to be untrustworthy.

  • To show how a police report is inaccurate or exhibits signs of bias.

  • You are under 21. California has zero tolerance laws, which require a lower BAC and under which you can be charged with a longer license suspension.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI in Sonoma County, a DUI in Mendocino County or a DUI in Lake County California and feel that you may be in need of a DUI lawyer, please contact us at Beck Law P.C. and together we can see if hiring an attorney may be warranted for your matter.

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