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DUI Court Sting Operation Results Announced by Santa Rosa and Petaluma Police Departments

Santa Rosa Police Department

Some suspected DUI drivers who were either unlicensed drivers or had previously had their driver’s license suspended or revoked were the focus of a sting today at the Sonoma County Courthouse.a

According to the Santa Rosa Police Department, officers from both the Santa Rosa and Petaluma Police Departments participated in the DUI unlicensed driver sting today at the Sonoma County Courthouse. 16 offenders who had just been told by a judge that they were not to drive, were followed by officers out of the courtroom to their vehicles, to ensure that they were not going to get behind the wheel.

According to the police, it appears that six of the erstwhile drivers paid heed to the judge and ten did not. Those who elected to drive themselves from the courthouse were stopped by waiting police officers.

Nine vehicles have been impounded for 30 days, and those arrested today could face longer driver’s license suspensions, along with the financial costs of possible attorney fees, lost time at work, and potential loss of jobs.

Further Details

Further details about today’s sting along with a complete list of those arrested can be viewed here.

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