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Eight Surprising Divorce Facts

divorce facts

While most of us think we know the basics about divorce facts in America, recent studies indicate that there is probably a thing or two most of us have wrong. While divorce can undoubtedly wreak long-term emotional havoc on its victims, there is a lot more about the end of a marriage that is worth knowing. For instance: 

  1. Well over half of couples who marry today will stay married. That is right, the old statistics informing couples that their marriage had a 50/50 chance of surviving are passé today. The current divorce rate is just 39%. That means 61% of marriages last.
  2. Drinking habits of couples impacts the chance of divorce. A study conducted by the University of Buffalo Research Institute on Addictions came to a number of startling facts about divorce relating to drinking and marital success:
    1. Heavy drinking correlates to lesser marital satisfaction;
    2. Alcohol use often leads to domestic violence;
    3. Substance abuse, including alcohol abuse, is one of the most common reasons cited for divorce;
    4. Alcohol dependence in one partner results in fewer positive interactions in the marriage;
    5. A discrepancy in the alcohol consumption patterns among couples is directly related to higher divorce rates.
  3. Custodial mothers collect child support roughly half of the time, while custodial fathers collect support less than one-third of the time. Although women gain custody of minor children in the majority of cases, some curious divorce facts are that when men do obtain custody, they are less likely to get financial support from their former spouse.
  4. Children who grow up with bickering parents are more likely to divorce themselves down the road than their peers who grew up as children of divorce. Children who grew up in happy, well-functioning families have the lowest incidence of divorce later in life, but those who watched unhealthy marital relations while growing up are less likely to have happy marriages themselves later on.
  5. Older couples divorce at a higher rate than their younger peers. Americans over the age of 50 are divorcing at double the rate they did just three decades ago.
  6. The most likely demographic to experience divorce is Black women in their 50s. While facts about divorce indicate that about half of white and Latino women experienced stable marriages in their 40s, that was true for fewer than one-third of Black women.
  7. Divorce is seasonal. A University of Washington study found that the majority of divorce filings occur in August and March, whereas the lowest filings are in November and December.
  8. Social media impacts divorce, more than you think.  Nearly one-third of divorce filings include the word “Facebook,” with claims that infidelity was easier to commit (and catch) due to social networking.

Divorce Facts For the 39% 

While it is great news that divorce facts are showing that more couples are finding ways to make marriage work, for those who cannot, having experienced, reputable legal representation throughout a divorce is essential. At Beck Law P.C., in Santa Rosa, we fight for the outcomes you are hoping for in your divorce.  If you live in Mendocino County, Lake County, or Sonoma County, contact us today for a confidential consultation.

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