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Four Sebastopol DUI Arrests by Officers

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Four Sebastopol DUI arrests were made by officers on the night of Friday, October 5. The volume of drunk driving arrests was an abnormally high number for the town of 7,300 people, where police rarely collect more than two on any one night, the Santa Rosa Press Democrat reported.

Police officer’s busy night began early, with their first case occurring shortly after 9:00 pm. Allegedly, 32-year-old Jared Carnes, of Santa Rosa, nearly struck a pedestrian in downtown Sebastopol with his vehicle. After stopping Carnes, police stated that they observed the man as appearing to be intoxicated. Carnes then failed a DUI test, arrested on suspicion of DUI, cited and released.

Less than an hour later, the same officer was pressed into action after observing a vehicle speeding through downtown Sebastopol. The officer stopped 22-year-old Sara LaCount, of Sebastopol. Like Carnes, LaCount failed a DUI test. The officer then booked LaCount in the Sonoma County Jail on suspicion of DUI.

Officers got a four-hour respite before spotting a vehicle driving at an extremely slow rate of speed (10 mph). The driver subsequently ran a red traffic light, and officers stopped him. 36-year-old Rolando Cruz Rodriguez, from Fairfax, “appeared severely intoxicated,” according to police, and was booked into jail.

While the officers completed the Fairfax man’s arrest, a vehicle sped by them at a very high speed. Officers eventually tracked down 24-year-old Spencer Pollock of San Francisco. Because the man also appeared to be intoxicated, the officers administered a sobriety test, which Pollock failed. The officers then arrested and booked the man.

Officers, in reviewing the night’s unusually active pattern, did not identify a reason why officers cited and released Carnes, but booked the other three. They also noted that four arrests was an atypically high total. “That’s a busy night. It’s not uncommon for us to get one DUI, and occasionally we’ll come up with two,” Sebastopol Police Sergeant Greg Devore told the Press Democrat. As for the reasons behind the unusually high number of arrests, could not identify a clear cause, but praised the efforts of the officers on duty. “We’ve got a fantastic night crew and they take it to heart trying to keep these streets safe,” Devore stated.

Area officers have been vigilant in pursuing drivers suspected of DUI. Since the issuance of a federal grant last October, Santa Rosa police have set 11 DUI checkpoints, the Press Democrat reported.

Law enforcement officers expend great effort seeking, pursuing and arresting driver suspected of DUI. While the crime of DUI can tend to inflame emotions, it is important to remember that, just like any other type of crime, officers sometimes make mistakes and all accused persons are innocent until proven guilty and entitled to the full due process of the legal system. If you have been accused of DUI in Sonoma County, make sure to work with DUI attorneys who know the law and know the courts. Our Santa Rosa DUI attorneys have years of experience defending these cases, and can help you defend your rights.

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