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Golden Gate Bridge DUI May Affect Suspect’s Career Dreams

Golden Gate Bridge dui

Golden Gate Bridge DUI May Affect Suspect’s Career Dreams. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that an accident involving driving under the influence (DUI) occurred on the Golden Gate Bridge in the early morning of December 2, 2014. At approximately 5:10 a.m., 22 year-old Daniel Soto was reportedly speeding when his Mustang entered the pedestrian on-ramp onto the bridge. Bridge officials indicate that he crashed through a barrier and a steel gate before wedging the vehicle in between the fence on the edge of the sidewalk and the barrier between the sidewalk and traffic lanes. Law enforcement officers stated this was the first time an accident of this nature has occurred on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Officers arrested Soto on suspicion of DUI, and media reports indicate that his blood alcohol content (BAC) was 0.12 percent–which is over the legal limit. The Bridge was briefly closed while a crane crew hoisted the car off of the sidewalk, over the barrier, and onto a flatbed truck. Fortunately, no pedestrians were using the walkway at the time of the crash, so no one was injured.

How the DUI May Affect Soto’s Life

Media interviews with Soto’s coworkers at a nearby Apple Store revealed that he had career aspirations to become a police officer. However, if Soto is convicted of DUI, it could prove substantially more difficult to fulfill that dream. While every law enforcement agency is different when it comes to hiring individuals with DUI convictions, many agencies shy away from hiring people with criminal records. Other candidates are considered on a case by case basis. For example, it may help if the DUI was many years ago or if there were no other offenses related to the DUI. However, Soto’s DUI is very recent, and he caused property damage and an accident, so it may decreases his chances of becoming an officer any time soon.

Law enforcement is not the only profession that a DUI can affect. A DUI may also affect your your professional life in some of the following ways:

  • Suspension of professional licenses, which are required for doctors, lawyers, and many other careers;
  • Loss of a commercial driver’s license or disqualification from any other job that requires a valid driver’s license or clean driving record;
  • Loss of scholarships or financial aid that can hinder your ability to receive the degrees necessary for your professional goals.

In addition to your professional future, a DUI may also threaten child custody determinations and other parts of your personal life.

Contact an experienced Ukiah DUI lawyer.

A conviction for DUI can substantially affect your professional aspirations, personal life, family, reputation, and more. In order to avoid these consequences, you want to try to avoid getting a DUI conviction on your criminal record. An experienced Ukiah DUI attorney at Beck Law, P.C. will build an aggressive defense strategy in order to fight your DUI charges, so please call our office today for help.

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