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Height of Recruitment Season for DUI Arrests and 12 Step Memberships

recruitment seasson for dui arrests

We are at the height of the recruitment season for DUI arrests and new 12 step program memberships. There are several such membership drives per year and the Thanksgiving through New Year time frame is one of the more successful ones. One 22 year old resident of Santa Rosa had a disappointing start to the Thanksgiving holiday this year when at approximately 2:30 Thanksgiving morning he pulled into a parking lot and appeared to struggle to correctly park his pickup truck. Santa Rosa police officers were already in the parking lot investigating another possible DUI suspect when they noticed him “having trouble.” As it turns out, officers for the California Highway Patrol (CHP) had reported the truck as a potential DUI to local Santa Rosa law enforcement officers.

After approaching the man, police officers reported that his blood alcohol content (BAC) was over three times the legal limit in California—0.25 percent—and they placed him under arrest. He was reportedly one of four individuals arrested on suspicion of DUI from late that Wednesday night into Thursday (Thanksgiving) morning.

DUI Enforcements Ramp Up Over the Holidays

Law enforcement agencies are aware that instances of driving under the influence tend to increase during the recruitment holiday season. The night before Thanksgiving, many people return from out of town and go out to catch up over cocktails with old friends and family members. While outings to bars with loved ones can be a great time, there are fewer faster ways to put a damper on your holiday than an arrest for DUI.

Expect a greater emphasis on DUI enforcement throughout California—and in almost every state, for that matter—during December and through New Year’s Eve. With holiday parties, work functions, visitors from out of town, and more, police suspect that a larger number of people will attempt to drive after drinking in the area. Roadblocks, saturation patrols, and more are tactics used by the police and highway patrol to try to catch a greater number of suspected DUI offenders during the holidays. However, these tactics also often result in unlawful detention and even arrest of individuals suspected of impairment, but who really may just be fatigued by a busy holiday schedule. If this occurs, an experienced DUI defense attorney can stand up for your rights under the 4th Amendment of the United States Constitution.

The best way to avoid a holiday DUI is to simply not drink and drive. Plan for other transportation or find a designated driver if you plan on drinking outside of your home. You can also often look up online where roadblocks are located so that you can avoid delays and interactions with the police even if you are not drinking.

Contact an Experienced Santa Rosa DUI Defense Attorney for Help Today

If you do find yourself under arrest and/or facing charges for DUI in the Santa Rosa – Sonoma County area, it is important to contact an attorney who is experienced in DUI defense in Sonoma County, Lake County or Mendocino County to handle your case. A DUI defense lawyer from Beck Law, P.C. will work to build an aggressive defense strategy in each individual case and will work diligently to limit or eliminate the consequences you face. Call our office today for assistance with your case.

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