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Holiday DUI And Sonoma County

dont become a holiday dui statistic

Don’t become a Sonoma County holiday DUI Statistic. The holidays are a wonderful time for celebration and family, but drinking and driving can turn a wonderful time into something dangerous. Not only are the holidays a time when many of us drink with family and friends, but many people come to visit Sonoma County because they have time off from work. The combination of these factors can result in a higher than normal number of people being arrested for driving under the influence and becoming a holiday dui statistic.

Like many states, California sets the blood alcohol limit for operating a motor vehicle at .08%. Drinking enough alcohol to raise your levels above .08% and then driving is breaking the law. It is also putting yourself and others on the road at a significant risk of injury or death.

The Holiday DUI Season is Here

Many people do not realize that a small amount of alcohol that can cause a blood alcohol level above .08%. Alcohol effects everyone differently and a person’s overall weight also contributes to blood alcohol levels. A rough estimate is that three glasses of wine over two hours will put a 150-pound person close to .1% blood alcohol. Please note that this estimate is rough and that metabolisms along with food intake will alter the effects greatly.

That being said, after three glasses of wine at the office holiday party or at a sister’s house for dinner, a great many people will be over the legal limit allowed for driving a car. So what can we do? The first thing to do is drink less if you have to drive soon. Another thing to do is have some food after drinking to help your body process the alcohol more effectively. None of this will change the fact that you may have had too many drinks to drive. But if you have had a couple of drinks and are worried about your blood alcohol content, it helps to take a couple hours of rest between your last drink and getting behind the wheel. Regardless, you should never drive if your senses or judgment is in any way impaired, as often is the case when drinking alcohol.

If you are pulled over while drunk driving, you will face fines and worse. Upon the first violation in California, the state will suspend your license for six months. The state will also require you to go through a driving under the influence education program that will explain all of the risks and hazards of driving while intoxicated.

The fines for a California DUI can range anywhere up to $3000. This does not include any fees for your attorney. It is crucial that you obtain strong representation if confronted with a DUI charge.

Of these listed amounts, all assume a first offense. Second or later offenses will often, if not always, result in much higher costs and fines. Additionally, if a later offense, the suspension of your license will be much more severe. Lastly, as DUIs increase, jail time becomes possible and of longer duration with each offense. If enough cases arise, permanent revocation of your driver’s license is possible.

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