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Holiday Injuries

holiday injuries

Holiday injuries would make most people less than enthusiastic about the season. Most people celebrate some type of holiday this time of year, but it is not the same for everyone. Some holidays are happy and some are sad, but few things are worse than spending the holiday season with an injury without remedy.

The Season For Holiday Injuries Has Arrived

The holidays are for travel and family and yet, if you are suffering from a debilitating injury, these holiday joys can become an incredible nightmare. With proper representation, an injury can become a claim for which the injured can be compensated.

Before a remedy can be sought, however, an injury must occur. The best thing to do for an injury is to avoid one in the first place. The holidays can be treacherous. Even though California enjoys beautiful weather year round, everything from decorations to traffic can cause harm.

Lights and trees can cause fires, drunk driving and excessive traffic on the roads can cause accidents, and improperly handled food can cause illness. Over the holidays it is best that everyone take caution and be aware of the extra dangers the season can present. It is also important that everyone be aware that people often take extra risks during the holidays, thinking unwisely that things are less likely to go wrong just because of the calendar.

If in the unfortunate event an injury does occur, it is important in every case that the injury not go unnoticed. An injury, even if it occurs at a friend or family member’s home, can be cause for compensation.

If such an injury has occurred there are several questions to ask in order to determine whether a remedy can be sought.

  • Was the injury the result of a faulty device or structure?
  • Could the injury have been easily prevented by another person?
  • Was the injury caused by decorations or items set up improperly?
  • Did the injury take place on private property?

These questions are by no means the limit of those used to determine whether or not an injury is worthy of compensation, but it is important to always keep them in mind when facing an injury.

Fault and causation are crucial elements in any injury case. Around the holidays there are many events and decorations that are created and set up with less than proper methods and in less than proper settings. Holiday parties and events, while fun, can often result in unrecovered injuries.

It is also important to understand that an injury need not be strictly physical in order to seek compensation. There are emotional and mental injuries that can be sustained alongside or independently of physical injuries.

An example of a mental or emotional injury could be assault or emotional distress. These are cases where one person so severely offends or upsets another that remedy can be sought. These cases are extreme and involve a great deal of intentional damage inflicted by the perpetrator, however, there are remedies out there for these offenses.

If you or someone you know has been injured, please contact the personal injury attorneys at Beck Law P.C. in Santa Rosa for help determining if you have a claim, and if you do, what can be done about it. Keep in mind that many injuries can result in compensation and the holiday examples are by no means a limit on claims.

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