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Marriage is Changing for Millennials


The institution of marriage is changing—and it is happening for lots of reasons. Millennials have a new take on tying the knot, and that means a whole new look for couples.

Millennials are Delaying Marriage

It seems that a big chunk of Millennials are children of divorce. They do not want to follow in their parents’ footsteps in that regard. They are delaying marriage, often pursuing other ventures before making a legal commitment. Instead of marrying in their early 20s, many young people are waiting until their late 20s or early 30s.  What are they doing in the meanwhile?

  • They are playing the field for longer, looking to find the right person for a lifetime;
  • Once they find their partner, they are waiting longer to tie the knot—dating that partner for an average of just under five years;
  • They are finishing school, starting careers, and trying to pay off their loans to achieve financial security;
  • They are living together at six times the rate of earlier generations, in order to work out the kinks before making a legal commitment;
  • They are making home ownership a more pressing priority than marriage, buying homes together often before getting engaged;
  • They are snubbing their noses at marriage altogether, with a quarter of millennials deciding that marriage is not in the cards for them at all;
  • Women are finding gratification in financial independence, and finding themselves less in need of a man for survival.

Prenups Popular Among Millennials

With so many individuals entering marriage with hard-earned assets in hand, they are more determined than ever to protect those assets through prenuptial agreements. In fact, three out of five matrimonial attorneys surveyed report seeing a rise in the number of couples requesting such agreements, and noted that the stigma associated with prenups is declining.

Other New Ideas

Millennials are approaching marriage in different ways on many fronts:

  • Multiple ceremonies: Another change burgeoning among Millennials is having more than one wedding ceremony. With couples who are melding different cultures or religions, many couples find that having multiple ceremonies unites family traditions and expectations seamlessly.
  • Unusual Venues: Reception halls and churches are losing out on ceremonies being held in unconventional places like barns, bars, and fields these days.
  • Gifts: Because many couples already have what they need, they are asking for honeyfunds instead of toasters and other traditional gifts.

Before or After the Wedding

While millennial divorce rates are contributing to a dropping divorce rate in America, there are still plenty of couples who cannot make marriage work. Whether you need help drawing up a prenup before the fact, or help with the details of the split, the experienced and knowledgeable family law attorneys at Beck Law P.C., are your advocate. If you live in Sonoma County, Mendocino County, or Lake County California, contact our Santa Rosa office for a confidential consultation today.

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