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New California DUI Mobile Enforcement Unit

DUI mobile enforcement unit

Technology advances are not limited to smaller cell phones or larger television screens. Improvements on various fronts have also lead to major changes in all facets of life, including law enforcement. The obvious truth is that the new California DUI Mobile Enforcement Unit is another high tech tool that police officers are now armed with in order to enforce laws and collect evidence of suspected crimes against community members. While, much of this offers more protection and security to officers, it is absolutely critical that these advances not tread on the clear and unimpeachable rights of all residents against unfair or overly obtrusive law enforcement conduct.

For our part, the Santa Rosa DUI lawyers at our firm are proud to stand up for the rights of those facing criminal charges for drunk driving. Everyone deserves a strong defense, and it is critically to ensure law enforcement officials not overstep their bounds in their attempt to catch criminals. That vigilance is needed now more than ever, as police officers have a growing number of tools at their disposal.

Mobile DUI Units

For example, reports from this year explain that some departments have introduced a new weapon in pursuing drunk drivers: the DUI mobile enforcement unit. The unit is intended to offer increased enforcement in areas that may have previously gone without heavy officer presence. Technology advances have have increased the mobility options for officers, expanding the tools available to increase coverage to those areas. One individual heavily involved in securing funds for the mobile unit noted that “increasing anti-DUI checkpoints and patrols is a life-saving tool to help put a check on reckless drivers who drink too much and drive through our canyon and mountain communities, risking the lives of residents and visitors alike.”

Local leaders who support the effort argue that the unit’s benefits extended beyond DUI enforcement. Ont top of watching for drunk drivers, one local officials noted that the mobile unit “adds support for DUI, for fire and any incident. I think one of the most important things is obviously public safety and this is an added resource to public safety.”

Designers equipped the mobile unit vehicle with all the technology needed to aid with screening, sobriety tests and the collection and retention of evidence, according to the sheriff’s department. The units come with multiple chairs for blood testing (which increases the speed at which officers can test multiple suspects) and refrigerators for blood sample storage. Additionally, the vehicle has computers and communications technology that allow officers to connect with law enforcement databases. The new vehicle also has “enhanced lighting capabilities to provide a safer environment for both the public and law enforcement personnel alike.” Besides DUI enforcement, officers can use the unit as a mobile command unit during natural disasters, such as fires or earthquakes.

The technology used by law enforcement to combat drunk driving continues to improve, which is laudable as officers strive to test more accurately drivers’ intoxication. But, as we all know, mistakes and missteps can still occur, and sometimes greater technology does not equal greater accuracy. In fact, the exact opposite is true. No matter what the circumstances of an arrest, or the technology used leading up to that arrest, an accused person is still innocent until convicted. If you’ve been accused of DUI, it is important to retain experienced DUI attorneys for your defense. Our Santa Rosa DUI attorneys are knowledgeable in dealing with all variety of DUI arrests and can help you consider your options. You can contact us at 707-576-7175 for a consultation

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