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Preparing for an Initial Consultation With Your Divorce Attorney

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As you contemplate ending your marriage and have made an initial consultation with an attorney, you no doubt have many questions. How long will it take? How much will it cost? What will I have to give up? But have you considered that at that initial consultation, your attorney will have some questions for you, as well? Before that initial consultation, you certainly should assemble your questions about the legal process ahead. Equally important, however, you should be prepared to give your attorney some critical information, as well. At Beck Law P.C., our experienced Santa Rosa family law attorneys are prepared to work diligently in order to achieve the best possible results for you. 

Initial Consultation Discussion Topics

In order to provide the best service possible, your Beck Law P.C. family law attorney will need some critical information moving forward. Only then can you work together toward a successful outcome. What should you be prepared to discuss?

  • How serious are you about getting a divorce? Have you really given your marriage all the time and effort possible? Are you simply trying to manipulate your spouse into making changes in order to save the marriage? If your ultimate goal is not to part ways, you should probably be scheduling an appointment with a family therapist rather than with a divorce attorney.  On the other hand, if your decision is final, we can definitely help. In a no-fault state, the reason for the divorce is not an issue.  Whether or not you are truly ready is.
  • Share the basic personal data about you and your family.  That includes full names, birthdates, social security numbers, for starters. Employment data and medical status will also be necessary in order to move forward efficiently. If you have children, do you anticipate issues relating to child custody, visitation, or child support?  Are there reasons you may wish to limit or refuse visitation altogether?
  • For your initial consultation, marriage information is relevant. When and where did you get married? Was it a first marriage? If not, are there financial obligations to previous spouses and/or children? Did you sign a prenuptial agreement with your spouse? Can you bring a copy of it into the office?
  • Legal issues: Are you and/or your spouse currently involved in pending legal issues such as bankruptcy, wage garnishments, or other types of legal action? If so, what are the basics of these situations? Do you have documentation of these issues?
  • What assets and debts have been accrued during the course of the marriage? What assets and debts did either you or your spouse bring to the union? Do either of you have pension plans or IRAs? What about profit sharing or bonuses? Your attorney will need to take an in-depth look at your past and current finances in order to develop a plan to divide assets. California is a community property state, meaning half of what you have accumulated during your marriage will be yours, and the other half will go to your spouse.

Schedule that Initial Consultation

If you know it is time to make that split and you live in Lake County, Sonoma County, or Mendocino County, our knowledgeable legal team at Beck Law is here to help. Contact our Santa Rosa office today to schedule a confidential consultation.

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