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Rash of Suspected Drunk Driving Crashes in California

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Reports of suspected drunk driving crashes have been in the news in California these past few weeks. The news has been full of headlines reporting accidents that authorities suspected involved a person who was driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol. Almost every accident also seems to involve either injuries or fatalities. The following are some examples of alleged drunk driving accidents in the recent news.

July 20, 2014—Early on Sunday morning, a 21-year-old male was driving a Honda sport utility vehicle with a 22-year-old male passenger in Santa Rosa, CA. The California Highway Patrol reports that the driver was speeding, ran a red light, swerved to avoid oncoming traffic, and lost control of the SUV. The vehicle then rolled over, colliding with both a metal guardrail and a tree in the process. The passenger was pronounced dead from her injuries at the accident scene. The driver was taken to the hospital and then arrested on suspicion of the following offenses: gross vehicular manslaughter while DUI; DUI causing death; violating probation; and driving with a suspended driver’s license.

July 24, 2014—A 42-year-old man was driving a BMW with a 45-year-old male passenger in Santa Clara late at night, when he failed to successfully complete a turn. The car flipped over and collided with the center guardrail. The passenger died from his injuries and the driver went to the hospital with serious injuries. The driver was subsequently arrested on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter and DUI.

August 4, 2014—A 27-year-male was driving his Dodge Charger in Orange County on Monday when he crashed into an ambulance that was driving through an intersection. The damage to the ambulance was significant and it had to be towed. In addition, four people involved were transported to the hospital with injuries—the driver of the Charger and three people who were in the ambulance. The driver was then arrested on suspicion of DUI and is being held on bail of $100,000.

The drivers in all of the above incidents should contact an experienced DUI attorney as soon as possible because they likely face very serious consequences if they are charged with the offenses for which they were arrested. For example, gross vehicular manslaughter while DUI is a felony charge, which can carry a sentence of four, six, or ten years in California state prison, depending on the circumstances of a case.

Additionally, the drivers in the fatal accidents may end up facing wrongful death lawsuits filed by the families of the deceased in civil court. A DUI conviction or guilty plea may be used in civil suit to help establish your liability. Therefore, you always want to avoid a conviction or guilty plea if you have caused a death or personal injury and therefore believe a civil suit may follow.

If you are facing any type of DUI charges in Sonoma County, DUI charges in Mendocino County or DUI charges in Lake County California, an experienced Santa Rosa DUI defense lawyer at at Beck Law, PC can help you. Do not hesitate to contact our office today to discuss your DUI case and determine your best course of action.

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