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The Santa Rosa family law attorneys at Beck Law P.C., offer representation in the areas of divorce, child support, child custody, paternity, adoption, division of property, legal separation, interstate custody and support. Beck Law P.C. serves all post-decree matters including modification of custody, child support, and parenting time as well as collection of past due child support.

Family Law matters such as Divorce and legal separation have many complexities. Divorce is about wisely deciding on issues, making sound decisions and the need to maintain financial well being. It’s about understanding the sensitive nature of Family Law and the impact on family relationships. An effective divorce attorney understands substantive law and procedures, comprehends the approach desired by the client and provides compassionate advice. Attorneys at Beck Law P.C. offer non-combative divorce representation with sincere compassion regarding conflict, or can provide more aggressive strategies when needed.

At the Santa Rosa Family Law practice division of Beck Law P.C. it is our commitment to, whenever possible, make every effort to help all parties exit dissolved relationships with dignity

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