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Beck Law P.C. Family Law Practice Overview

Our Beck Law P.C. family law practice division can work with you from Santa Rosa to Ukiah on most family law matters. Whether a contested or uncontested divorce, whether you have just filed for divorce or you need assistance with a post-judgment request for enforcement or modification of a final divorce decree. We handle separation matters and can assist you in working out a resolution to all issues related to or arising out of a family law matter including:


A variety of issues need to be resolved in a divorce, including property division, complex property division, closely held business division, Orders and spousal support/alimony. You will find more information about these issues on our Divorce page as well as on our other Family Law Pages as outlined below.

Child Custody and Visitation Rights

We will help you to create and put into effect child custody and visitation rights arrangements designed with the best interests of your minor children in mind while at the same time giving you the opportunity to play a meaningful role in their development and growth.

Child Support

We will carefully review all proposed child support orders for compliance with California guidelines and to ensure that all relevant income is included in the calculation.

Spousal Support

We will review all factors considered by the court to assist you in determining if alimony or spousal support is warranted and, if so, the amount and duration of payments.

Legal Separation

We can help you to obtain a legal separation. A legal separation is similar to a divorce in that all of the same issues must be resolved and adjudicated, but unlike a divorce, a legal separation does not terminate a marriage.

Division of Property

We can help you to work out an equitable division of property. Many factors are to be considered, some of which pertain to property held in joint form, retirement plan benefits, debts and liabilities, jointly held separate property and much more.

Marital Settlement Agreement

We can help you work out a Marital Settlement Agreement. The Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) outlines the terms and agreements reached by the spouses. The MSA usually is incorporated into the judge’s final judgment and has the force of a court order.

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