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Bicycle Accidents

Santa Rosa Bicycle Accident Attorney

Unfortunately the demand for a good Santa Rosa bicycle accident attorney may be on the rise. Why? We all know how health conscious we are in Sonoma County. These health trends along with the continued rise in gas prices are convincing more and more citizens of Sonoma County to ride their bikes instead of their car. More and more bicycle riders on the Streets of Santa Rosa can lead to more accidents and a greater need for a good bicycle accident lawyer. Due to rising gasoline costs, as well as the health trend nowadays, more and more people jog and ride bicycles as answers to both economic and health problems. However, with the growing number of people riding their bicycles, it is no surprise that bicycle accidents increase every year. Bicycle accident attorneys, because of the increasing number of bicycle accidents tend to get more experience with handling bicycle accident cases.

While there may be little or no damage to passengers in your average vehicle accident, accidents involving bicycles or bikes can be quite serious. The seriousness of injuries suffered by those involved in bike or bicycle accidents can be severe. The best bike accident lawyer know that injuries from a bicycle accident can be severe and those injures suffered by a bike accident victim may involve the need for future care, sometimes for the rest of their life, depending on the permanence or severity of the symptoms.

Petaluma Bicycle Accident Lawyer

A good Petaluma bicycle accident lawyer knows that injuries are more severe when it comes to bicycle accidents. Even a slight run in with a motor vehicle on the road could cause a bicycle rider to go sailing on to that hard concrete road. Even wearing pads and a crash helmet may not be enough to soften that blow. Beck Law P.C.’s Petaluma bicycle accident attorneys are keenly aware of the dangers facing bicycle riders on the streets of Petaluma and Sonoma County. With more and more bicycle riders on the streets of Petaluma, unless vehicle drivers stay alert and better learn how to share the road with bike riders, there are going to be more bike accidents. The fact that most vehicle drivers don’t take bicycles seriously on the roads tend to make matters worse as the vehicle drivers may honk their horn or otherwise startle an unsuspecting bike rider. Bicycle riders have been known to be harassed or bullied by vehicle drivers even when the bicycle rider is clearly within a marked bike or bicycle lane.

Ukiah Bicycle accident Claims

For every bicycle or bike accident, there can be a variety or injuries that a bike accident victim could experience. The least of the bicycle accident victim’s problems would no doubt be bruises and small cuts. Our experienced Ukiah bike accident attorneys know what to look out for in handling bicycle accident cases. As the victim of a negligent driver on the street, our bike accident attorneys know that insurance companies will attempt to dismiss or short of that, down play the negligence of their insured in the accident. Being involved in making an earning out of insuring people, these insurance companies know that medical expenses by a bicycle accident victim is more often than not, higher than a victim of another car accident. The fact that the bicycle rider only has his helmet and other safety gears attached to his or her body counts for the more serious injuries he or she might receive from a blow or collision as compared to somebody who is also confined in the safety of another motor vehicle. Beck Law P.C.‘s determined bicycle accident lawyers will do all they can in order to get you all the compensation you deserve including property damage for the repair or replacement of your bike as well as actual medical expenses.

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