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Toxic Mold

Santa Rosa Toxic Mold Attorney – Petaluma – Ukiah – Lakeport

Do you need a Santa Rosa toxic mold attorney? How can an attorney help you deal with toxic mold?

An attorney can help you file a lawsuit or negotiate a settlement if your apartment has been a site of toxic mold growth. As a tenant, you also have responsibilities. You must notify the landlord that there is a problem that needs to be fixed and take steps to prevent further growth.

In certain areas, such as the County and City of San Francisco, city code or county ordinances consider toxic mold, including black mold, a legal nuisance. This means it is easier to sue a landlord who has failed to remediate the problem in these counties.

Here is a checklist of questions that an attorney will ask you to see if you have grounds for a lawsuit.

  • How have you been affected by the mold? Has it negatively impacted your health? Has it made certain parts of your unit, such as a sink or bathroom, unusable? Has it destroyed any of your personal property? Do you have receipts from visits to doctors or repairs to the apartment?

  • Did the mold pre-exist your move-in date? If not, how has it developed since your move-in date?

  • What have you done to fix the problem?

  • What does your lease say about repairs and issues with the apartment? Bring a copy of your lease.

  • Did the landlord notify you of the problem before you moved in?

  • What have you done to notify your landlord? You should put all requests in writing and take photos to document mold growth.

  • Have you taken steps to move out, reduce the amount of rent you are paying, or pay your rent to the court rather than your landlord?

The option of notifying the code enforcement office in the appropriate city or county is always available. If you are still living in the unit, this can cause tension between you and your landlord.

An attorney can assist you with:

  • Estimating the amount of damages you are owed.

  • Filing a claim in the appropriate superior court. As a general rule, this is in the county where the residence is located.

  • Negotiating a settlement to cover your damages.

  • Determining your amount of financial responsibility, if any. A tenant can be held responsible if the mold growth occurred because of the negligence of the tenant.

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