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can i refuse a dui sobriety test

Can I Refuse a DUI Sobriety Test in California?

By Beck Law P.C. |

Can I refuse a dui sobriety test in California? Well, yes but with consequences. The phrase “no refusal” is commonly used when talking about DUI laws in California. In general, it refers to the fact that in California, when you applied for your drivers license you automatically “consented” to take a dui sobriety test… Read More »

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second dui petaluma

Second DUI suspected of Petaluma Man

By Beck Law P.C. |

Petaluma man suspected of second dui. The Press Democrat reported an accident earlier this month involving a man on probation for drunk driving. Witnesses reported that 40-year-old Carlos Sebastian Arana-Reyes appeared to be passed out behind the wheel at a green light. When a bystander approached his car, he proceeded driving until he reached… Read More »

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dont become a holiday dui statistic

Holiday DUI And Sonoma County

By Beck Law P.C. |

Don’t become a Sonoma County holiday DUI Statistic. The holidays are a wonderful time for celebration and family, but drinking and driving can turn a wonderful time into something dangerous. Not only are the holidays a time when many of us drink with family and friends, but many people come to visit Sonoma County… Read More »

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