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dont become a holiday dui statistic

Holiday DUI And Sonoma County

By Beck Law P.C. |

Don’t become a Sonoma County holiday DUI Statistic. The holidays are a wonderful time for celebration and family, but drinking and driving can turn a wonderful time into something dangerous. Not only are the holidays a time when many of us drink with family and friends, but many people come to visit Sonoma County… Read More »

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Laser Gun x

Can a Laser Give Me a DUI?

By Beck Law P.C. |

Can a laser give me a DUI? Someday, perhaps. A new remote sensing device uses lasers to detect the presence of alcohol vapor in a moving vehicle. In the future, law enforcement officers could use potentially use this device to “pre-screen” cars that they want to stop for suspected DUIs. The device, developed by… Read More »

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