When Legal Child Custody is Shared Between Three or More Adults

There are challenges to the new social reality of child custody. State and federal law has had to adapt to keep up with the changes in the structure of families in recent decades. Previously, a child was assumed to have two parents: a father and a mother. Today’s families have … [Read more...]

Child Custody Process Basics – Santa Rosa Law Blog

Child custody process basics in California. When couples with children divorce, custody is usually one of the primary issues that has to be sorted out. Although custody can be a major point of contention for some couples, others are able to come to a resolution without taking … [Read more...]

When is Sole Custody with Visitation the Best Choice?

When is sole custody with visitation the best choice? There are few divorce-related issues, including financial matters, that are as hotly contested as child custody issues. Many times, the divorcing couple is unable to resolve a custody dispute, and the parties therefore do not … [Read more...]