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child custody questions

Sonoma County Child Custody Questions

By Beck Law P.C. |

Sonoma County child custody questions? What does “child custody” mean? First, it is important to understand that there are two forms of child custody – legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody primarily deals with the right of a parent to make decisions regarding the child’s life in relating to the health, education, and… Read More »

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dont become a holiday dui statistic

Holiday DUI And Sonoma County

By Beck Law P.C. |

Don’t become a Sonoma County holiday DUI Statistic. The holidays are a wonderful time for celebration and family, but drinking and driving can turn a wonderful time into something dangerous. Not only are the holidays a time when many of us drink with family and friends, but many people come to visit Sonoma County… Read More »

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dividing marital assets

Dividing Marital Assets in a Divorce – Goodwill

By Beck Law P.C. |

Dividing marital assets in a divorce – goodwill. One of the most challenging parts of a divorce involves dividing marital assets between divorcing spouses. Couples easily recognize that such assets includes things like the family house, the family car, and the family bank account. However, many divorcing spouses do not recognize that such assets… Read More »

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