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Third DUI Arrest in Three Months For El Dorado Deputy


Its a third DUI arrest for an El Dorado County sheriff’s deputy. The deputy was already on paid administrative leave for prior DUI offenses. His bail was initially set at $250,000, but he was released on his own recognizance after having release conditions imposed on him by a judge.

The deputy was arrested on Friday, March 9th after crashing his GMC Sierra into a parked vehicle in a parking lot around 1:30 in the afternoon. After officers arrived on the scene, they arrested him on suspicion of DUI. He also faces obstruction of justice charges.

His first arrest for DUI came on December 8 and was made by California Highway Patrol officers. The second arrest happened after he rolled his vehicle on February 25. He did not sustain any injuries in the crash.

A Third DUI arrest carries severe legal ramifications. If you are convicted of three separate DUI offenses, the penalties include:

  • Suspension of driver license for up to three years
  • Up to $1,000 in fines
  • 120 days to a year of jail time
  • Ignition interlock breathalyzer required in your vehicle

Multiple DUI arrests can result in felony charges as well. If you have a prior DUI on your record, upon receiving the subsequent DUI it will be charged as a felony. Also, if you caused an injury to another person while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the crime is escalated to a felony.

If you have been charged with DUI, contact an attorney immediately. DUI attorneys with the Beck Law P.C., law firm are experienced with California DUI laws and can ensure you receive the best possible representation if you have been charged. Contact us through our website or via phone at (707) 576-5175.

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