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What Happens After a California DUI Conviction?

california dui conviction

A California DUI conviction can be very stressful. Court costs, penalties, restrictions on your license, and other complications can make this time very difficult. A California DUI conviction is handled very seriously and most defendants will be required to attend a DUI program as a condition of satisfying their parole or as part of their sentencing. For example, one of these programs is called the Sonoma County DUI Program. Read more about this program here to learn what you can expect if you have to enroll in one.

Failure to follow the directions of the court can result in hefty fines and even imprisonment. It is imperative to have a qualified Santa Rosa DUI attorney to not only help you fight the charges, but in the event you are convicted to ensure you are following all the rules and requirements set by the State of California.

What happens after a California DUI Conviction?

If you’ve been charged with a DUI and convicted, you will be required to pay hefty fines, have a restricted driver’s license, and will be required to attend an alcohol or drug program. The Driving Under the Influence Program Directory of Service Providers maintains a directory of all the statewide licensed program providers in California. If you’ve been required to attend a class, this directory can help you find one that fits your schedule and is close to your home.

What type of program will I have to attend?

Wet Reckless Program: The Wet Program is a six week program consisting of six two-hour education classes. These classes are designed to give the participant information on the legal, medical, and social problems associated with the abuse of alcohol and other drugs. Each class is conducted by a skilled instructor and will include lectures, discussions, and multimedia material. The fees can vary depending on where you enroll, but they generally cost $150.00-$180.00.

Juvenile Program: The Juvenile Program is an eight week program consisting of eight two-hour education classes. This program is for persons charged with DUI under the age of 18 and usually for those for whom this is their first offense.

First Offender Program: The First Offender Program is a three months, ten one-hour group session coupled with ten two-hour education classes and three individual sessions that last about 15 minutes each. This program is offered to first offenders and, if completed fully, will serve as sentencing for the first offender. The First Offender program is more like a probation program, which is why it has a three month requirement. Successful completion of the program can mean you will not have a DUI on your record. There is also an Extended First Offender Program which is a nine month program consisting of thirty 1.5 hour group sessions, seven two-hour classes, and five individual sessions.

If you’ve been charged with DUI it is crucial to contact a qualified Santa Rosa DUI attorney. If you’ve already been convicted of a DUI it is important for you to follow the judge’s orders, pay your fines, and attend all of your DUI classes. In many cases, successful completion of a DUI course can significantly reduce your penalties, avoid a criminal record, and restore your driving privileges much sooner. A DUI conviction can be a very stressful time, but it can be much easier to handle if you know what to expect. Contact a qualified California DUI attorney today and let us help you!

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