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Child Support Attorney

Santa Rosa Child Support Attorney

Are you searching for a Santa Rosa child support attorney? Our team of child support attorneys understand that child support issues can be the greatest cause of conflict for separated or divorcing parents. Ensuring financial support for you and your child is extremely important. It is vital to have a Santa Rosa child support attorney that, while keeping your best interests in mind, ensure the enforcement of child support agreements and that the funds due to you and your child are collected. One part of the child support program is to make sure that, based on your income, your child support rights are calculated correctly. The experienced Santa Rosa child support lawyers at Beck Law P.C. are here to guide and assist in this daunting task of making sure that all child support payments are calculated correctly and that the collection of these funds takes place. Contact Beck Law P.C. for a confidential consultation to discuss in greater depth the obligations and requirements of child support payments.

Petaluma Child Support Attorneys

With over 35 years of experience the family lawyer practice group of Beck Law P.C. has represented clients in a variety of child support matters ranging from the most basic, to the extremely complex and difficult. We attempt to assist divorcing parents in achieving an agreement that is realistic and meets the needs of their child. We can negotiate and litigate on behalf of clients seeking back support judgments or defend clients being sued for back support. We handle contempt actions and handle child support enforcement actions. Specific guidelines have been established in the state of California to determine child support arrangements. The basis for child support calculations in California combines the variables of percent of time a parent gets custody of the child, income, and expenses. We all would like to think that the health and happiness of a child doesn’t boil down to simply a matter of the financial support received, but then, insuring for the growth and development of your child in a way that is fair to all parties really is paramount.

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