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Santa Rosa Division of property lawyers understand that as a community property state, California law requires that all marital assets and all marital debts should be divided equitably between the spouses upon their divorce. Determining what really should be viewed as marital assets can occasionally be a complex procedure and the support of a skilled Santa Rosa property division lawyer can be very effective.

Property Division Attorneys in Santa Rosa

At the law firm of Beck Law P.C. in Santa Rosa, California, we work with clientele in a wide variety of family law cases, including divorce and connected areas like division of property during a divorce. With more than 36 years of legal experience, you can contact attorney Daniel B. Beck and his legal staff to schedule your free consultation with a skilled Santa Rosa property division lawyer.

Protecting Your Interests in Property Division

In some situations, reaching agreement on what exactly is marital assets and what is non-marital assets could be probably the most contentious part of property division. For the most part, anything you bought or went into debt for prior to the day you married is deemed a non-marital asset. Something bought or went into debt for any time after the marriage is regarded as a marital asset or debt as may be the case.

As your Santa Rosa property division lawyer, we can answer any inquiries you have concerning the differences involving marital and non-marital property. We regularly operate toward a property settlement agreement that protects your rights, ideal interests and future. Our family law practice group can and has managed multiple divorce matters seamlessly and expeditiously, minimizing tension for you whenever we can.

One of the ways to limit the amount of time and energy spent on property division can be to draft a pre-post marital agreement that in detail outlines the status of you individual personal properties at the start of the marriage. You will discover that there can be other elements that come into play, for instance commingling. Should you spend any monies you inherited or perhaps that was provided to you as a gift on things like remodeling your home or your spouse’s college degree, there should be unique consideration for these expenditures in the divorce settlement. The attorneys at Beck Law P.C. delivers attentive, detailed advocacy in these matters. We strive to reach a fair property division settlement that absolutely protects your rights and interests.

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