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The Santa Rosa spousal support attorneys (Santa Rosa alimony attorneys) of Beck Law P.C. are here to help you with your right to receive the spousal support you may need after divorce, annulment, or legal separation. Our experienced spousal support lawyers work for you to represent your interests in court and at the negotiation table. We can also assist you with mediation, arbitration, and child custody issues.

A party to the matter may be entitled to and receive temporary spousal support at any time during the proceeding and prior to the divorce becoming final. Our attorneys determine the amount of temporary spousal support using a software program called DissoMaster which provides a calculation based on guideline support for the State of California. Both parties can request temporary spousal support. The request is gender neutral. The amount of spousal support you request, and whether you will request for spousal support in a lump sum or in payments, is determined by a number of factors under the California Family Code. These factors are the assets you own that are not community property as well as your ability to support yourself. Our Santa Rosa spousal support lawyers can work to modify or appeal an order that has been entered.

Once the divorce is final, a party may be entitled to long-term support. The duration of the support depends on the length of the marriage and the amount is related to the parties respective incomes.

Contact our Santa Rosa family law firm to arrange for a consultation regarding your divorce. We will work to resolve issues by mutual agreement in an attempt to avoid or minimize costs or fees for litigation in court. The California Family Code governs spousal support. A judge has great discretion in determining what amount of support if any to award. This is why it is important to have a spousal support attorney who is there to represent your interests, so that you do not get short-changed.

Our lead attorney, Daniel Beck, has over thirty years as a family law attorney. Mr. Beck can answer a variety of questions for you about California spousal support/alimony. These include:

  • How long can I get spousal support?
  • How much spousal support can I get?
  • Does my sex or gender affect the amount of spousal support I can get?
  • Does my pension affect the amount of spousal support I can get or must provide?
  • What happens to spousal support if one or both of us loses our jobs?
  • Can I take a tax deduction for spousal support?
  • Are there different types of spousal support?
  • What happens to spousal support if one or both of us gets a raise or paycut?
  • How is spousal support affected if my former spouse refuses to work?
  • What happens to spousal support if my former spouse gets remarried or moves in with their new partner?
  • How do I calculate spousal support if I am self-employed or work seasonally?
  • Do I get spousal support if I also receive Social Security or disability payments?
  • What happens to spousal support if one or both of us relocates to another city or state?

Our team of Santa Rosa spousal support attorneys at Beck Law P.C. are aware that lawsuits are costly, and mediation is the preferred option. We are here to work with you to fit your needs and budget. We serve clients in Santa Rosa, Forestville, Healdsburg, Cloverdale, Guerneville, Monte Rio, the Russian River area, Petaluma, and Windsor. We offer a variety of options such as:

  • Consultation: so that you can take steps to represent yourself in court or mediation effectively
  • Limited scope representation: making one or more court appearances for you
  • Document preparation: assisting with organizing and editing documents.
  • Full representation

Remember, spousal support attorneys understand that one of the many difficult subjects to address in a divorce case is the issue of spousal support. Often times spousal support will end up creating a long lasting financial relationship between you and your spouse, a debtor/creditor relationship if you will until such time that obligation for spousal support comes to an end. Depending on the financial ability of a spouse to pay support and the established need for it by their spouse, several types of support could be deemed appropriate by the court. During the divorce case itself, it is possible that temporary spousal support may be ordered. If a spouse needs to be retrained and/or educated in order to become self-sufficient, rehabilitative spousal support may be ordered by the court. There could be a bridge-the-gap, permanent support and lump sum support payment ordered, or some combination of these types of alimony. More than likely, a detailed and exacting investigation must be made to identify a spouse’s income and assets and establish the marital standard of living as well as other complex issues. If you need assistance in calculating a fair and acceptable amount of alimony, contact the Santa Rosa spousal support attorneys of Beck Law P.C.

If you have been married for ten years or longer, the court retains jurisdiction over the award of spousal support to either party indefinitely. This does not necessary mean that one spouse or the other will receive support for life, but it does mean the parties are on the hook for a possible award unless the supported party either dies or remarries.

Under the new tax law for 2018, for divorces filed prior to December 31, 2018, spousal support is considered to be income, it must be reported when filing federal income tax returns. At the same time, the spouse paying support may deduct the payments on their federal income tax returns. Beginning January 1, 2019, under the new tax law, the payor of spousal support no longer receives the deduction and the receiver no longer must claim support as income. There are of course circumstances under which a spousal support order can be modified. This typically happens when there is an increase or decrease in either party’s income as a result of job loss, job change or of course, remarriage. At Beck Law P.C., our Santa Rosa family law lawyers offer honest and aggressive advocacy for clients seeking financial support from their spouses or ex-spouses and defend spouses who are ordered to pay support to ensure that the amount is fair and appropriate.

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